drinks were too hard to find.

We were so over bad-tasting cannabis-infused beverages, made by businesses that don't represent the larger audience of cannabis consumers. We saw opportunity to make a more accessible, flavor-forward hemp beverage — and a progressive business built for the cannabis industry we want to see.


Founded on
forward thinking, friends, and family.

Two guys named Todd and Glenn started Plift with a lot of help from their friends and families. As a black- and budtender-founded company, we proudly “hit different” than most of the regulated cannabis industry.

We bring
humanity back
to hemp.

Our mission is simple: broader access to a better beverage experience. We want everyone to have access to this amazing plant — and have better-for-you ways to consume it — without having to break the law or even find a dispensary. We believe a better cannabis-infused beverage experience is one that is tastefully predictable and dosed for the way people are used to drinking when they want to unwind.


Opportunity is what we make together.

With Plift, we want to build a platform for people of all walks — people like you — to have a career in cannabis. Hit us up if our mission sounds like one you can get with.

What people say about Plift

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5 stars
James, Verfied Buyer

This is a very refreshing drink! Tastes great with a ginger tangy sweetness and just the right amount of buzz.

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5 stars
Joe, Verfied Buyer

Yummy, sessionable, perfect beverage for poolside or nightlife. Love it for happy hours!

star star star star star

5 stars
Lee, Verfied Buyer

[...] For a guy in his late 30’s, it’s tough to find the balance between a buzz and sustained relaxation. Plift is the missing link for a chill night and productive next day.

Take two and call me in the morning…

star star star star star

5 stars
Leslie, Verfied Buyer

Plift was everything i was hoping it would be and more. For those people that want a nice buzz with out experiencing all of the misery that drinking alcohol brings the next morning, your answer is Plift. [...] There is nothing on the market that compares. You owe it to yourself to try them both !!!

star star star star star

5 stars
Brit, Verfied Buyer

Plift is a great alternative to when you want a nice buzz without the nasty hangover. The flavors are tasty and leaves no after taste. Ginger might be my front runner, but not by much! Really can’t go wrong with either.

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