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Delicious, enjoyable, infused drinks were too hard to find.

We were so over bad-tasting cannabis-infused beverages, made by businesses that don't represent the larger audience of cannabis consumers. We saw opportunity to make a more accessible, flavor-forward hemp beverage — and a progressive business built for the cannabis industry we want to see.

Founded on forward thinking, friends, and family.

With Alcoholism in their families, and consumers seeking alternatives to social drinking, Glenn, Todd, and Andrea wanted to create a more accessible way for consumers to unwind and enjoy the benefits of Cannabis. As one of the only Black and woman-founded brands in cannabis, the goal was simple… let’s give ALL consumers something that’s affordable, tastes incredible, and leaves you feeling even better! With that in mind, Plift was born!

We bring humanity back to hemp.

Our mission is simple: broader access to a better beverage experience. We want everyone to have access to this amazing plant — and have better-for-you ways to consume it — without having to break the law or even find a dispensary. We believe a better cannabis-infused beverage experience is one that is tastefully predictable and dosed for the way people are used to drinking when they want to unwind.

Opportunity is what we make together.

With Plift, we want to build a platform for people of all walks — people like you — to have a career in cannabis. Hit us up if our mission sounds like one you can get with.