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Hemp Derived simply means, our THC comes from 2018, Farm Bill compliant, federally legal, Hemp. But don’t worry, the actual THC compound is the same.

Plift was created by three amigos, Todd, Glenn, and Andrea. With alcoholism in their families, they set out to create a delicious way for people to unwind and socialize that didn't require alcohol.

  • Plift - 4mg
  • Plift+ - 10mg

It’s entirely up to U. We always suggest taking it easy and get used to the light and heady buzz delivered by a can of Plift.

Plift is for adults, 21+. No Exceptions.

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With alcoholism in our families, We created Plift with the mission to provide every consumer access to a delish and value-priced alternative to alcohol for social settings or to unwind.

Everyone is different, but the effects typically start within 15-20 minutes of consumption and lst for 60 minutes after you’ve finished drinking a can. Again, this is based on the individual.

Whenever your heart desires!

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